Throughout the year, our blog will feature AHA volunteer stories of survival and hope. We know there are thousands of stories like these - thats why we want to say “Thanks” to all of you for giving your time and sharing your lives with us. You can’t spell CURE without U! Thank you for all you do to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. YOU’RE THE CURE!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Speak Up NOW – It’s Do or Die for CPR in Schools

Literally…if our CPR in Schools legislation doesn’t pass out of the Senate this week – the bill will be dead. If it passes, it will be because of YOU. The Bill has made it all the way to the Senate Floor! With that said, the language must still be amended and it must be passed out of the Senate by the end of this week.

HOW YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE:  We need you to take action by clicking on the link below to send an email to your Senator AND follow-up with a phone call to leave a message with their office.  We have provided a script and talking points below for your convenience.  What takes only a matter of minutes will save 1000’s of lives.  Please, ACT NOW!

Once you take action above, please leave a quick message with your Missouri State Senator’s Legislative Assistant.  Click here to find their office phone number.

Talking Points/Script:
1. Find your State Senator’s office phone by using the link above

2. Call and ask to speak with their Legislative Assistant and identify yourself as a constituent

3. Tell the assistant that you would like to leave a message for your Senator urging them to support HB 1337 by reinstating the requirement for CPR training by amending the language from “may” back to “shall”. This legislation would enact lifesaving change to Missouri’s education policy, ensuring that students graduating from high school statewide know how to save a life in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.

This bill allows flexibility for the schools - CPR can be taught during health class, PE, or anytime throughout the school day. The training can be administered by any teacher or an outside instructor. The teacher administering the training does not have to be a certified trainer and does not require students to achieve CPR certification. The bill simply allows students to understand and become familiar with the new “Hands Only” CPR instruction.

***Cut/paste this link if you would like to post this alert to your Facebook or Twitter page:

Act NOW - time is running out! Thank you!

Christy Dreiling
Regional Grassroots Advocacy Director


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Missourians have made it clear that they are ready for change.

Monday, May 7th - with the submission of nearly 220,000 Missouri voters’ signatures to the Secretary of State, Show-Me A Brighter Future took the necessary step to place our initiative on the Missouri statewide ballot this November. This initiative would help Missouri improve health conditions, reduce smoking rates and increase school funding with $283 million in new revenue annually.

Show-Me A Brighter Future is a diverse coalition of Missouri organizations and individuals, including the American Heart Association and other educational and health organizations and has proposed a statewide petition initiative that will help address Missouri’s health, smoking and school funding problems through a $.73 tax increase per pack of cigarettes and increased taxes on other tobacco products. Increasing the price of tobacco products is a proven way to decrease smoking rates and will generate an additional $283 million annually in new revenue for Missouri schools and to fund smoking prevention programs.

Look for more information in the very near future about our plans to formally launch the campaign. In the meantime, you can help in the following ways:

Please visit our campaign online and sign up at

Like” us on Facebook and share with your Missouri friends:

Follow” us on twitter and use the hashtag #brighterfuture to share our tweets:!/ShowMeABrighter

Friday, February 24, 2012

Breaking News: White House Event Live Streaming TODAY

TODAY, some 70 AHA volunteers from across the country are at the White House Community Leaders Briefing on Cardiovascular Health. There are 14 volunteers from the Midwest attending this exciting event. In addition, AHA volunteers are joined by volunteers from partner Women Heart: The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease and other groups committed to improving cardiovascular health totaling some 150 participants.

Event participants will engage in a thoughtful dialogue with administration officials and discuss the concerns and challenges facing heart and stroke patients and those at risk. The day will consist of panel discussions, break-out sessions, and a town hall forum with administration leaders.

We just learned some great news from the White House – they are streaming it LIVE NOW. The morning portion can be viewed from 9am to 12pm EST tomorrow. To watch this event live, visit

You can also follow updates and join in today’s discussion through Twitter and Facebook:

1) Follow the @AmHeartAdvocacy Twitter feed and share your own thoughts and comments using the #HeartAtTheWH hashtag. From 3:30-4:15, Jon Carson (@JonCarson44), Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement will host a Tweet-Up with AHA volunteer-advocates to answer questions, so be sure to join us!

2) Follow event highlights through posts, pictures, and videos on the You’re the Cure Facebook page. Comment, share, and post your own thoughts about this special event.

Looking for more information about the event? Read the You’re the Cure blog for updates and profiles of volunteers attending today’s event.

Thank you for your continued passion for the lifesaving work of the American Heart Association.

You’re the Cure!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CPR and AED Awareness Week - Got a Minute?

Got a minute? Then you can learn how to save someone’s life during CPR/AED Awareness Week which starts today!

CPR saves lives, it's that simple. If someone you loved suddenly collapsed and needed CPR, would you know what to do?

Simply put: The life you save with CPR is most likely to be someone you love. Sadly, 70 percent of Americans may feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency because they either do not know how to administer CPR or their training has significantly lapsed. This alarming statistic could hit close to home, because home is exactly where 80 percent of cardiac arrests occur.

While we hope you never have to use it, it is good to know you could respond in an emergency if necessary. After you click on the Action Alert above, please take a minute to visit and learn how to perform Hands Only CPR. Once you have learned CPR, give 5 people you care about the power to save lives by sharing the video with them.

It could save the life of someone you love.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Legislative Update: Heart Healthy Victories at the Missouri Capitol!

Legislative session ended on May 13th in Missouri and with it comes many victories to celebrate in the Show Me State! Even with all of the significant cuts in the Missouri budget, several key health programs were maintained, thanks to the great work of our You’re the Cure Volunteers and Staff. Your countless letters of support, e-mails, phone calls, and visits with legislators were vital in helping us pass heart healthy policies in Missouri.

The following report from our American Heart Association Missouri Government Relations Director, Jace Smith, outlines these victories:

Passed! Farm to Table Bill (HB 344)
This law creates a Farm-To-Table Advisory Board assigned to explore and create opportunities to enable farmers to more easily provide fresh fruits and vegetables to Missouri’s Public Schools, as well as state institutions. The board will also work on promoting healthy communities and healthy lifestyles throughout the state of Missouri.

TAKE ACTION - This bill is currently in the Governor’s Office awaiting his signature. Please follow this link to encourage him to support and sign HB 344.

Funding Protected for Heart Health Programs!
The Show Me Healthy Women Program is set to receive $500,000. This program funds Missouri's WISEWOMAN Program that helps underinsured and low income women obtain life-saving screenings to help them prevent heart disease and stroke.

TAKE ACTION - The current budget bills are currently in the Governor’s office, awaiting his final approval. Follow this link to encourage him to keep the funding that is allocated for the Show Me Healthy Women Program in HB 10.

The State Tobacco Cessation Program
has expanded to cover ALL Missouri Medicaid Patients. The current funding is at $3.2 million. The program will receive a match from the Federal Level of 5.3 million, which will allocate over $8 million to assist in helping Missourians on Medicaid quit smoking.

Passed! Complete Streets Resolution (HCR 23)
We continued to make great strides in the area of Complete Streets policies at the local and state level. The American Heart Association worked with the Missouri Bicycle Federation in the passage of HCR 23. This resolution declares support for Complete Streets Policies throughout Missouri, and urges their adoption at all levels of Missouri Government to create roads, streets, and communities where all road users can feel safe and secure, while encouraging Missourians to get more physical activity by using them.

Negative Physical Education & Smoke-free Provisions Defeated!
Provisions to allow Missouri High School students to obtain physical education credit through participating in ballroom dance, was defeated in several bills this session. The valuable lessons Missouri students can learn in a physical education class on eating the right foods and exercising appropriately cannot be duplicated, and should not be substituted by ballroom dance. We’re also working to ensure our current physical education standards in Missouri remain in place. Please stay tuned to your e-mails for future physical education updates, and how you can help.

Also defeated were several bills that included an amendment that would have provided businesses throughout Missouri with the option to purchase a “smoking permit”. This law would have undermined all of the great progress we’ve made at the local level in regards to smoke-free public places. Thankfully this amendment was defeated, and the Missouri communities that went smoke-free this year will continue to have the same protections from secondhand smoke.

Legislation Failed
CPR Graduation Requirement for High School Students
One of our asks this year included legislation that would require Missouri Public High School students in grades 9-12 to participate in one-45 minute CPR training before graduation from high school. The CPR training would have used nationally recognized, evidence-based guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and incorporates psychomotor skills to support the instruction. The training could be implemented in any health or PE class, and can be taught by any teacher, regardless of CPR certification.

The bill passed the Missouri House of Representatives three separate times in SB 226, SB 17 & SB 238. However, the Senate continued to deny this requirement, because a few Senators felt it was an unfunded mandate on schools, even though we explained the costs for conducting these trainings are very minimal, if any, for Missouri schools. Besides, we know that lives saved, far outweigh any minimal costs!

But not all is lost. We made great strides in passing this legislation in the Missouri House of Representatives! We now focus our attention towards the state Senate, and will work to further educate them on the life-saving benefits of CPR.

Please stay tuned to your e-mails on how you can help us with our life-saving mission. As always, thank you for everything you do. We appreciate your support of the American Heart Association.


Jace Smith, Missouri Government Relations Director